Classroom Resource: Class Dojo


I’ve seen this resource in action in Year 2. It is a new take on the behaviour charts that hang on many classroom walls…

I like that this resource tracks daily data and patterns, and automatically creates reports for individual students. Tracking that kind of data with a wall chart would be time-consuming, having to make notes every times students gain or lose points for participation and behaviour. It also has really cure avatars, and auditory feedback when giving/taking points.

At the moment this resource is totally FREE, because it is a new technology being trialed. The website suggests that ‘early adopters’ will be able to access this for free, even after they introduce a subscriptions fee, so I’ve signed up to give it a try!


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  1. Hi Alisia, I have just checked out your post, when I was on professional experience I saw my mentor use this program but it slipped my mind to ask. I recognised the cute little characters. This is such a great resource and something I definitely want to try out. Thank you so much for posting!


  2. Reblogged this on seasidegroup2014 and commented:
    Well what a great tool you have found Alicia have spent the afternoon looking over it and great resource to implement into the classroom. To be able to use this and stimulate students and be able to have them engage actively into the classroom making the learning experience more positive and I am sure the results from teachers are noticeable for those who are using it. The resources that are available are fantastic, bright, colourful and well presented.


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