The TEST Framework


What is the task?

Using the internet efficiently to complete tasks and find information.

In what environment will you undertake this task?

I mostly complete internet searches at home after work on my laptop or on my Samsung tablet. I often have a million other things happening at once both offline and online. I am a serial ‘tab opener’. A more suitable physical environment would be at night or early morning, when I am able to focus my attention to just one thing. A more suitable virtual environment would be one where I have no other tabs or virtual things happening.

What skills do I have at the moment?

I feel confident in searching for information on the internet, but always seem to get distracted. I also get overwhelmed with choices and decisions. My problem isn’t executing the search, but executing the search efficiently and effectively. Perhaps I should engage in something that helps me work on my focus and time management skills.

What tools are available and which suit?

The tools available to me are my laptop and tablet, and my chosen web browsers (Chrome and Mozilla). I find it easier to naviagte the laptop than the tablet when I am browsing and looking for information, and I can get the job done quicker. To search and find the information I can use search engines, as well as websites such as Pinterest.

To minimise distractions perhaps I could utilise a ‘blocking’ software like LeechBlock or Anti-Social, to limit my access to [a certain social media website that will remain unnamed…] while I am trying to complete my study, or RescueTime to help me keep track of the time I am spending on different applictions.



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