Classroom Resource: Proloquo2Go


Proloquo2Go is an assistive communication iTunes app that gives students without speech a voice. The app consists of picture symbols and text, accompanied by spoken voice. The aim of the app is to make assisted communication more accessible and flexible. It is fully customisable (i.e. font, language, symbols, stories, accents).

Strengths/Opportunities: Proloquo2Go goes beyond printed ComPic/Pixon images or language boards. It adds the element of speech, and flexibility by making all options available (whereas ComPic users as limited to the symbols they have printed at that particular time). Proloquo2Go isn’t as expensive as dedicated high-tech communication devices like the Nova Chat or Accent, and eliminates the need to carry around a number devices while on the go.

Weaknesses/Limitations: The cost – it’s just under $270 for the app. While it’s not nearly as expensive as dedicated communication devices, it’s not something a general teacher would buy and download just in case they need it one day. It is also over $100 more expensive than it’s competition, AutisMate. Also, using it on a touchscreen rather than a device with indented or raised buttons can cause issues (e.g. touching the wrong symbols), however there is a function in the app to customise the hold time to reduce these errors.

In the Classroom:

Due to the cost, I haven’t used this myself in the classroom, so instead I have sourced a range of reviews that might be helpful to those interested in knowing how this app runs in practice…

iPad and Proloquo2Go review: Max tried ’em!

iPad App ‘Proloquo2Go’ Gives the Gift of Voice

Proloquo2Go AAC App Review: Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Proloquo2Go: Brilliant tool helps kids with speech difficulties communicate

If you do try this app, or have had experience, share your thoughts and comments!


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  1. Reblogged this on mshepherdashby and commented:
    I firmly believe one of the biggest strengths and advantages to developments in technology include their ability to assist those who are disadvantaged. Alisia has provided a comprehensive explanation to the opportunities and the limitations of an application called Proloquo2go, (which I had never heard of before). Alisia’s candid critiques have inspired me to investigate this application further and investigate the wide array of available technologies to assist students who struggle to communicate.

    Thank you Alisia!


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