Starting Assignment Two… Eeeeep!


I feel like I’ve just jumped from the frying pan into the fire! After completing Assignment One, we just straight into Assignment Two: making an ICT-Rich Unit Plan! Eeeeep!

While I’ve made a lot of unit plans for previous subjects, when I refer back to them and think about them in relation to the SAMR model I realise that even when I included ICT in the plan, it wasn’t in a transformational way…

I took a critical eye to my past assignments and integration of ICT using this flow chart (click the image to zoom in to a larger view), to critique a few of my pedagogical practices and gauge where I have been working at:

  • Viewing images on the computer or interactive whiteboard instead of printing them: is great, because it saves paper and ink and has the potential to allow students to see the images clearly, but doing that is nothing more than substituting printed pictures with digital images.
  • Using Powerpoint as a way of presenting the information: while some of the content (for example images or videos in the  presentation) couldn’t have been accessed outside of the ICT environment, I have really just been augmenting the learning experience.
  • Playing games online: these aren’t a simple substitution, because the digital aspect of them makes them quite different to paper-based games and resources. Many of the students get immediate feedback, the games are interactive, but at the same time, it’s really only enhancing the experience. I think it moves a step beyond ‘modifying’, and into augmentation.

But I haven’t found an example of transformational ICT use! It’s kind of sad… but, onwards and upwards! When we know better, we do better!

Reflecting on my past plans makes me see that the tricky part of Assignment Two for me is going to be integrating ICT in a way that truly redefine the way children experience the content, collaborate with peers, and complete tasks. Thankfully my 100 Days of ICT has got me thinking about applications that could be used in my unit plan that go beyond simple substitution and modification.


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