TPACK Framework – the difference between effective and ineffective teachers


The next framework we looked at was the Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework. Basically, this knowledge of the technology, pedagogy and content is the difference between teachers who effective integrate ICT into learning experience, and teachers who don’t. It’s a step further than the idea of PCK: Pedagogical and Content Knowledge.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Having expert content knowledge on a subject doesn’t make you a good teacher, it just makes you an expert. Having strong pedagogical knowledge doesn’t make you a good teacher if you don’t have the knowledge of the content you are teaching.

TPACK takes it a step further than PCK by incorporating knowledge of technology into the framework… The Teaching Teachers For The Future website put it perfectly when they say:

“It is more than simply adding ICT to traditional approaches. It depends upon deep knowledge of how ICT can be used to access and process subject matter (TCK) and understanding how ICT can support and enhance learning (TPK) in combination with PCK.”

My understanding is that TPACK is about knowing what you are teaching, knowing how to teach it, and finding effective ways to integrate technology in order to do this. I’m still working on how this relates to my unit plan, but I’ll get there!


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