Measuring the success of ICT integration


This week we were asked to start off by thinking about how we could measure the success of our ICT integration in the classroom…

I really like the SAMR model to think about ‘success’ in ICT integration – so I think that I would be able to consider myself successful if I can say that my students had been engaged in learning experiences that were truly transformed by ICT.

If the ICTs used enabled students to connect with the content in new ways (if students were given opportunities to experience the content and complete tasks in new ways, ways that wouldn’t be possible without the use of ICTs), and if ICTs gave my students the flexibility to show what they know in a range of ways (if students were able to be successful because of the ICT usage  -for example, students struggling at writing would be given chances to be successful by recording their explanations rather than writing or typing them) these could be pretty good indications of effective integration of ICT.


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