Mid-semester thoughts on EDC3100


As we hit mid-semester, I have hit a kind-of awakening where the theories are starting to become more relevant. It’s been an interesting few weeks, and a lot of stress, but I’ve made it so far!

The things I’m enjoying most about EDC3100 is the way each week is directly relevant to the assessment piece. Previous courses have seen me avoiding most of the weekly readings and lectures/modules, and focusing solely on the assessment piece. I know, I know, it makes the teacher in me shudder too! It’s like the student calling out “Will this be on the test?” and then losing focus when he finds out that the answer is no. It’s not the way it’s supposed to be done, but I’ve always felt a bit of disconnection between content and assessment, and since I have a GPA above 6.5, this is evidence that this method has proven successful for me so far. EDC3100 is different in that the weekly modules and tasks aren’t just giving you this ‘stuff’ you have to work out, it’s directly linking the content to the assessment task. I know why I’m learning what I’m learning. I’ve completed more modules for this course than I have in a looooooooooooooooooooong time!

The things I’m enjoying least is probably the same thing… this course requires a lot of planning ahead, to stay on task and be up-to-date with modules. It’s taking a lot of time compared to other courses. I feel overwhelmed if I don’t check in on the course every day. It feels like there’s just so much to do!

Some of my peers are also feeling reflective this week!

Adele describes the process of completing assessment as going hunting and getting lost. That’s apt, considering I currently have three windows with around 15 tabs open in each, and my bookmarks folder is such a mess I don’t even know what page relates to what anymore!

Catherine put’s it perfectly when she shares a joke: Q: What is the best way to eat an elephant?  A: One bite at a time

That’s definitely how I’ve been feeling as well! Trying to think about how I’m going to finish the elephant (i.e. EDC3100 😉 ) makes my eyes water and my heart rate. But one bite at a time and things will get done!


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