Getting Ready For Professional Experience


As I prepare for my next Professional Experience placement, I am creating a checklist of things that I need to do (at the direction of the lecturer, but also because a checklist is pretty handy!) before starting. Since my first day is next Friday, there are a few things that I have already done, but I’ll add them to the list anyway!

First contact:

  • contact mentor teacher via email to introduce self, briefly outline course/prac requirements, and ask for general information about the class

First meeting with mentor:

  • discuss ‘housekeeping’ issues with mentor: parking, sign-in, teaching sessions and bell times, professional dress/appearance, paperwork to be signed, Blue Card sighted, lunch and bag storage, school map and contact details, sick day procedure, ID badge
  • discuss class context: year level, ability level, class size, enrichment/intervention students, current units of work, special events occurring during placement, ICT availability, class timetable
  • discuss expectations and responsibilities: arrival times, behaviour management procedures, before/after school meeting, pupil free day activities
  • consider the necessity of taking photographs, and create a permission form where applicable
  • have folder available for mentor teacher, with spare paper and pen to take notes

Prior to first day of placement:

  • ‘Preparation and Planning essay’ for Assignment 3

First day of placement:

  • be prepared with – Professional Experience folder, with PE Booklet, feedback forms, paper, pens, USB, planning ideas based on prior discussions

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