21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do This Year


An interesting infographic to have a think about as you begin your weekend! Would you do these things in your classroom? Is there anything new that you haven’t heard of. IFTTT recipes are new to me, and seem a little confusing but really helpful once you worked all of the channels and processes out. List.ly is new to me as well, but I found some really interesting resources (like this one: Best Free Education Web Tool 2013 – Edublog Awards) when I searched for lists of specific topics.

Some fun ideas which are a little on the dorky side when I picture a teacher doing them... but there's potential here!

The original list, with explanations and ideas, can be found here: 21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do This Year


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  2. Reblogged this on mshepherdashby and commented:
    Hi All,

    I saw this post in my feed from Alisia, and I have to say this is really inspiring, a very comprehensive list of achievable goals every 21st century teacher (and emerging teachers) can do to enhance their practice and utilise the ever growing and evolving landscape for education.

    I love the variety of ideas that are offered to make a classroom interactive. (My personal favourite being the production of a lipdub video! =P)

    Pedagogically speaking, allowing your students to be the navigators of their education demonstrates your trust in their interest and regulation (with supervision of course!) I am a firm believer in adapting your pedagogy to suit the environment/group that you are with and this list gives a comprehensive guide on ways you can do just that =)

    Thanks Alisia!

    View her original post for full credit =)



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