Thinking more about SAMR and Bloom’s Taxonomy interactive infographic


I think that the SAMR model is important to keep coming back to (which is why I keep doing it!). I’m about to start my second week of prac, and as I (try to) plan ICT-rich lessons, I have to keep considering the ICT that I use.

In an afternoon of procrastination on Pinterest (follow me if you like! Haha!!) also found this website which goes into the SAMR model. Go have a read, and bookmark it, because it’s a little bit fantastic!

The following image is another one I found on Pinterest. I liked it, and the links made between SAMR and Bloom’s Taxonomy (although I do believe that the links are more flexible, perhaps more like a spectrum when considering how Blooms aligns with the SAMR model), but when I clicked through to the interactive version I LOVED it! Click the image or the link as at the end of this blog to go through to the ThingLink interactive image! Like I mentioned, I think that rather than specific links, it’s more flexible than this image makes out, but nevertheless it could be a useful tool.


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