CyberSmart – connect.ed modules


I worked through the first module, and the simulation. In terms of content, I do have a good idea about terminology and personal cybersafety, but the simulation was interesting. ICT and, in particular, online interactions, really change the landscape for children – especially adolescents. While younger children are usually closely supervised and more likely to ask an adult for help, children from around 9 seem to be interacting online with less supervision. Couple that with increasing desire to have friends and fit in, and there are obvious potential for problems. This module gave an interesting perspective of the interactions and decisions children/teens make every day.

The first response to this module could be to tighten supervision on older children, to decrease the likely of issues occurring, but I think that this would be akin to teaching abstinence instead of responsible birth control in sex education! Eventually children are going to encounter online interactions without adult supervision, and instead of fearing that day we should be actively and explicitly teaching digital/cyber citizenship.

Some of my peers also completed the modules, and wrote reflections on their experiences. Karen’s experience of the second module is similar to my own reflection – that teachers become responsible for educating students on appropriate reactions to online interactions.


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