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My name is Alisia, and I’m a 27 year old mum-of-two living on Bribie Island, in Qld.I work as an Intervention Aide for Year 2 students. I’m studying a B. Education (Early Childhood), as well as completing my Honours project. I’m in my final year, with only 3 subjects left to complete – due to graduate in June 2015. I’m also marrying my partner of 8 years in September.

I grew up in the 90’s, and I consider myself a ‘digital immigrant’. I remember when our school got its first computer connected to the internet – the teacher used to hate turning the computer on because she didn’t know how to use it. We got internet at home for the first time when I was in high school, however my mum hated turning it on because it was dial-up and you weren’t able to make phone calls with a dial-up connection. My parents still dislike the internet, but I think that’s because they see it as a ‘one sided conversation’. According to my dad, nothing is ‘real’ on the internet, everyone is deceptive, and you’re only ever one click away from being hacked or scammed.

Despite being brought up by luddites (or maybe in spite of it?), I embrace technology like a long-lost friend. I have been trying new ways of using ICT in my lessons with my students. I have both a Samsung tablet and an Apple iPad, and I love to search for apps that could be used to reinforce and practice new concepts! I’m quite happy and comfortable trying and exploring new ways of working with technology, although it intimidates and frustrates me when I can’t work it out properly. However my students, well they are true digital natives! They seem to know just what to do and try to make things work. Anything that is technology-based seems to keep their focus, so I’m excited to find more resources to help keep my students engaged and interested!



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