21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do This Year


An interesting infographic to have a think about as you begin your weekend! Would you do these things in your classroom? Is there anything new that you haven’t heard of. IFTTT recipes are new to me, and seem a little confusing but really helpful once you worked all of the channels and processes out. List.ly is new to me as well, but I found some really interesting resources (like this one Read the rest of this entry


Theories, models, and frameworks to assist with planning and integration of ICT


This is a really quick table I put together (for a study task) to help me organise various theories and consider how useful they would be in terms of my next assignment and also for planning of ICT-rich experiences… Read the rest of this entry

What do I know?


Well, I’m back-tracking furiously this week, after coming down off the whirlwind of getting married a few weeks ago! I’m taking it right back to Week 7 (Sept 1-7), where we were asked to reflect on what we know (or think we know 😉 ) about lesson planning! Since I’ve been thinking about planning for my impending teaching placement, this was a pretty easy task. Not that I’m saying that this is right, or exhaustive… just that I know what I think I know!

What do I already know (or think I know!) about lesson planning? These are the questions I ask myself when planning… Read the rest of this entry

Oh The Places We’ll Go – Connected Classroom


Some interesting ideas to establish a ‘connected classroom’ and create opportunities for students to engage and connect globally!

The Global Classroom Project

I was very honoured this week to be named a Lead Teacher by the Global Classroom Project.   As soon as I heard, I was excited to read more about the amazing things happening in the classrooms of the the other Lead Teachers (@murcha and @cccoffa from Australia, @ICT_Integrator from South Africa, and @heidihutchison, @MrsMorgansClass and @kathleencorley from the United Staes).   As I read through their accomplishments,  I was humbled and in awe of the opportunities they are providing their students.  Without a doubt, the ability to connect globally has been the “a-ha” moment of my teaching career.  I am not sure there are words to truly express the amazement I feel as I watch my students communicate, collaborate and think critically with peers across the globe.

My global connections have evolved from one-time connections to collaborative projects.  I hope to give you a sense of the different…

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Getting Ready For Professional Experience


As I prepare for my next Professional Experience placement, I am creating a checklist of things that I need to do (at the direction of the lecturer, but also because a checklist is pretty handy!) before starting. Since my first day is next Friday, there are a few things that I have already done, but I’ll add them to the list anyway! Read the rest of this entry

Mid-semester thoughts on EDC3100


As we hit mid-semester, I have hit a kind-of awakening where the theories are starting to become more relevant. It’s been an interesting few weeks, and a lot of stress, but I’ve made it so far!

The things I’m enjoying most about EDC3100 is the way each week is directly relevant to the assessment piece. Previous courses have seen me avoiding most of the weekly readings and lectures/modules, and focusing solely on the assessment piece. I know, I know, it makes the teacher in me shudder too! It’s like the student calling out “Will this be on the test?” and then losing focus when he finds out that the answer is no. It’s not the way it’s supposed to be done, but Read the rest of this entry