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Classroom Resource: MasteryConnect



The innovation I chose is #19 from the Google doc. The innovation arose from practice, and it is an example of learning through assessment.

What is it?


MasteryConnect is an app for educators to collate and share resources and assessment data. Educators can find and save resources, track curriculum standards (website appears to be US-focused, with ‘Common Core’ standards referenced), collect data, and create reports. The app also makes it easy to share the data between educators, students, and families.

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Classroom Resource: Proloquo2Go



Proloquo2Go is an assistive communication iTunes app that gives students without speech a voice. The app consists of picture symbols and text, accompanied by spoken voice. The aim of the app is to make assisted communication more accessible and flexible. It is fully customisable (i.e. font, language, symbols, stories, accents).

Strengths/Opportunities: Proloquo2Go goes beyond printed ComPic/Pixon images or language boards. It adds Read the rest of this entry