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Falling into overwhelm with EDC3100 and ICT…


Can I get an ‘amen’?

No seriously, if I’m the only one feeling this, I might cry. EDC3100 is living up to its grueling, unforgiving, relentless reputation, and I’m falling victim!

I consider myself fairly ICT-minded. I love ICTs, I love finding mew ICTs, I love using ICTs. I especially love it when I find ICTs that make things easier for me, and all the better when I can generate some kind of data and visual representation because we all know how much I love data!

But. Woah. EDC3100. You are heavy. I’m feeling the stress as I set my alarm for 5am to wake me up before the kids so I can read through the EDC3100 task I have set for the day. My partner says it’s because I have to complete tasks regularly without leaving it all to the last minute (it’s my signature move), and that might be a part of it, but also… searching for ICT, weeding through mediocre ICTs to find the hidden gems, and then learning how to use new ICT is hard.

So why am I doing this? Well, Read the rest of this entry