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What do I know?


Well, I’m back-tracking furiously this week, after coming down off the whirlwind of getting married a few weeks ago! I’m taking it right back to Week 7 (Sept 1-7), where we were asked to reflect on what we know (or think we know 😉 ) about lesson planning! Since I’ve been thinking about planning for my impending teaching placement, this was a pretty easy task. Not that I’m saying that this is right, or exhaustive… just that I know what I think I know!

What do I already know (or think I know!) about lesson planning? These are the questions I ask myself when planning… Read the rest of this entry


Classroom Resource: Versal



Facebook has copped a lot of flack lately, about privacy intrusions and whatnot. I have to say though, data collection for the purpose of personalised advertisement isn’t all doom and gloom! While scrolling through my newsfeed, I see an advertisement, clearly targeted at me based on my recent search history or internet viewing or however they collect their data! The advertisement was for a website Versal, and was marketed as a website that transforms the way students experience content. The screenshot showed two students excitedly sitting at a computer viewing a video.

It looked interesting! And I’m in the market for 100 ICT applications, so of course I clicked the link.

First impressions were … Read the rest of this entry

Teaching Digital Natives and Staying Up-To-Date with ICT


An interesting current affair story on ‘The Project’ tonight got me thinking about why it is so important to stay up-to-date with ICT (and especially online ICTs), based on the following article: Tweens, teens adept at hiding internet activities from parents, McAfee report reveals. The statistics of the original article were interesting – 70% of youths say their parents didn’t know about all of their online activities, and the same number reported to hiding their online activities. This statistic raised alarm bells, with digital immigrants and Luddites offering solutions such as suggesting youth have limited access to technology, or even removing it altogether.

In my opinion, this is not a practical solution to the problem. Technology is not an Read the rest of this entry